About Us

The Nilgiri Documentation Centre (NDC) had its origin around 1985 when it was born ‘Save Nilgiris Campaign’ as a spontaneous response to the mindless destruction of the Nilgiri mountains in the name of development in the form of tourism, monoculture, encroachment, urbanization and commercialization.

The Save Nilgiris Campaign was the first native people’s movement and later generated a culture of public activism in the Nilgiris. The Campaign received no funds from any source and was not even registered.

The Save Nilgiris Campaign was converted into a Public Trust called Nilgiri Documentation Centre in 2006 with the intention to pass on the legacy of the Save Nilgiris Campaign to the future generations in the form of a Nilgiri History Museum which is now functioning at the John Sullivan Memorial at Kannerimukku Village in Kotagiri.

The Honorary Director of the Nilgiri Documentation Centre is Dharmalingam Venugopal, a native of Nilgiris, an Economist and an Environmental Activist and founder of Save Nilgiris Campaign and Managing Trustee of Nilgiris Documentation Centre.