Save Nilgiris Campaign


Concerned and informed individuals have over the years been raising their voice against the undesirable changes in the natural and cultural environment of Nilgiris.

Around 1985, when the mindless degradation of these unique hills had entered a critical stage, a group of such environmentally concerned citizens got together to launch the Save Nilgiris Campaign.

We said then that environmental damages were not always by design and that ignorance and indifference were more often the real cause. We declared a sustained and systematic campaign to inform and educate the people and the administration about the ecological significance of the Nilgiris and the dire necessity to protect and preserve what was left.

We sustained the campaign against heavy odds and stiff resistance from vested interests. We have been able to carry on our campaign with absolutely no support - financial or otherwise - from anywhere. What really sustained the campaign was the moral support, inspiration and guidance that we were fortunate receive from exemplary personalities. In this context we remember with gratitude the former President of India Shri R. Venkataraman, the ‘Chipko’ movement leader Shri Sunderlal Bahugunaji, the philosopher-saint, Guru Nithya Chaitanya Yathi, former Governor of Maharashtra Dr.P.C. Alexander, the distinguished administrator and presently President of the Madras Snake Park Shri.B.Vijayaraghavan and the respected socialist Shri M.S. Appa Rao and Shri E.R.C. Davidar, the well known wildlife photographer and writer.

The campaign for the most part was conceived, coordinated and organised by our Founder - Coordinator Dhamalingm Venugopal who worked as an Economist with the Indian Overseas Bank at Madras.


SNC has been instrumental in bringing about several fundamental changes towards the social and environmental welfare of the Nilgiris.

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